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Jul 20, 2011 6:00am EDT
big story today is the heat. the code red heat alert again today. temperatures will be soaring in maryland. a heatwave is blustering a big chunk of the mid section of the country with temperatures over 100 prompting a major warning. it's going to be miserable again today. >> all right. good morning. i am charlee crowson. here's megan pringle but this is justin berk because with the oppressively high temperatures, people want to know what they can do to stay cool. >> i don't think you want to see me because i got stuff you don't want to hear. we have got five days at least to deal with this which takes us through the end of the weekend. it's not only the heat or the humidity. it's the dew point. that temperature is above 70. once we get above that point, it's uncomfortable. once dew point levels reach above 75 it's oppressive. and that's the level where we condifference and saturate the atmosphere and that's what we are looking for. the heat index will be 105 to 115 for rest of the week. fallston had overnight storms at 69. 70 towson and westminster and 74 glen burnie with a 78
Jul 21, 2011 6:00am EDT
. >>> big winners during the heatwave are ice cream shops. double digit increases in the business because there's no such thing as bad ice cream cones but there's signs how different it will melt. the height sugar content, the less likely it will melt faster -- the higher the sugar content, the less likely it will melt faster. is it too early for ice cream? >> no. that's what i have meteorologist orders. i put that on my facebook sometimes and the meteor gist orders a ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream. yes. it's going to be a hot one. right now, that moisture is coming in at 75. that's the dew point. so we are feeling oppressive everywhere close do 8 -- to 08 in east ofnlt it's -- 80 in easton. it is sicken outside. the -- sickening outside. the weather pattern has the heat moving into today, tomorrow and saturday. the satellite radar not picking up on a lot. we will see plenty of sunshine going throughout the day. hazy in nature but the sunshine is beating down on us. slight chance for maybe an isolated shower or thunderstorm to move in as we go into the afternoon. but the tropics
Jul 8, 2011 6:00am EDT
homeowners can miss their mortgage payments. big pickup trucks are not selling. instead they are sitting on dealer lots and now there's concern there could be price wars and lower profits later this year. the biggest backlog of inventory is gm's full-sizeed pickup. and that's not a problem for the toyota prius. the automakers expects the sales to beat last year despite the natural disasters will yerl that cut production. the increase in prius sales was fueled by high gas prices. and back to school sales are starting early this year. one reason for that is that stores are nervous about consumer spending despite yesterday's good retail spending numbers. last year, consoupers spent more than dr can consumers spent more than $-- more than -- last year, consumers spent more than $5 million. i am peggy bunker. >>> welcome back on this friday. he was a legend credited with leaf losingizing the -- ref loseizing the way -- revolutionizing the way the tightend was played. he was one of the kindest giants you could meet emmett could beat the bears cowboys and the -- meet. he could beat the bears an
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3